Event Planning For Leaders: 5 Things To Consider


When many people, think about, and/ or, consider, events and event planning, they often, fail to think about, the enormous impact, a true leader has, on the potential results! Since most organizations, at some point, hold some sort of event, or events, in order to meet, one or more of its central needs, goals, purposes, and priorities, wouldn’t it make sense, to do, everything, possible, to create the best possible scenario, which includes, addressing the specific purpose, on an affordable budget, and creates, the best, possible, bang – for – the – buck? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, which every leader, needs to seriously consider, and pay attention to, in order to achieve one’s objectives, etc.

1. Is it a new – type, event, or a repeat – event?: Begin, by considering, whether, you are holding an event, which you do, on a regular, periodic schedule, or for a new (for your group) purpose? When it is a repeat event, one should evaluate, past ones, in an objective, introspective manner, in terms of their financial success, whether the trend was up, or down, in terms of attendance/ participation, feedback, etc. Never, merely, do the same thing, because, it’s the way, you always have, but, rather, replace accepting the same – old, same – old, with the best approaches! When it’s a new – type, begin with professional, complete, comprehensive budgeting, consider options and alternatives, create a strategy, and action plan, assemble the best team, market it, effectively, and address, the issues of actual value, as well as perceived value!

2. Goals/ priorities/ reasons: Why are you holding this event? What do you seek to accomplish, and what are the principal goals, and objectives? Will you prioritize, according to your reasons, and purposes, and carefully, address every aspect, issue, etc?

3. Expectations; needs: Think carefully about, both, the organization’s needs, and expectations, as well as those of potential attendees! Will you, to their satisfaction, address, both, actual, as well as perceived, needs, goals, and expectations/ values?

4. Budget: Always, begin your event planning, with creating a meaningful budget! Ensure, it’s not, merely, a rehash of those, of the past, and, consider using a well – considered, zero – based, budget, from the beginning! When, this is done, properly, the document becomes a vehicle for meaningful, relevant, effective planning!

5. Overall vision: A leader’s primary vision, must be aligned, with that, of your organization, and stakeholders! Quality events arrive, only, when a group plans, and follows – up, on what is needed, wanted, and desirable!

For better events, leaders must discover the best way, to produce them, in order to achieve, the finest results! Organizations must train a leader, as part of its overall leadership planning, program, in this vital aspect of effectively, leading!


Source by Richard Brody

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