Are You Using a Scrapbook In Your Event Planning Business?


Event planning is so popular these days. I am seeing more and more people turn to event planners to help them coordinate their special events.

For several years, I was in charge of renting out the banquet room in the building I was working in. Over and over again, people wanted to see photos of how the room looked with tables, chairs and various decorations.

It is so hard for most people to envision what the room could look like with colored table cloths, a balloon arch with lights through it etc.

Not all rooms are created equally and not all contractors are created equally.

Why not create a scrapbook that shows off not only the available banquet rooms in town but also the work of the various florists, decorators and the presentations of the various caterers?

I have seen events where the caterers used a simple table cloth and then put their chaffing dishes on top of this simple table cloth. I’ve seen other caterers use color and props to create magnificent effects on the buffet table. These same caterers will also “hide” their chaffing dishes in the table decoration.

I’ve seen banquet rooms with gorgeous chairs and I’ve seen banquet rooms where chair covers were necessary to provide the desired affect.

By using a scrapbook to show the many choices available, you’ll help the event host make their decisions quicker and I believe they will have fewer questions about what the room will look like. Adding letters of praise from previous hosts along with letters of recommendation about the contractors you work with are also great additions to the scrapbook (s) you use to show your potential clients.

I recently attended a Bat Mitzvah celebration. Multi colored table cloths were used creating an affect I had not seen before. It was just adorable. I never would have been able to envision this, without actually seeing it. This is why photos are so important for potential clients.

Create pages showcasing each of the services you offer as an event planner. See if offering scrapbook pages helps you in helping your client reach quicker decisions that they feel good about.


Source by Audrey Okaneko

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