Can You Do Event Planning As a Business?


Event planning, in many people’s minds, is a glamorous job that gets the planner involved in the best parties which allows them to meet important people and celebrities. While that may be true at some point, the daily grind of event planning needs to be met with the patience of a saint, the organizational skills of a general, the creativity of an artist, the flexibility of a gymnast, and an iron-clad stomach.

This business allows the planner to be part of the celebrant’s life for a little while but also lets them shoulder the large amount of stress involved. Events range from the business side like product launching and fashion shows to public events like commemorations and museum openings, to purely social events like weddings and birthday parties.

The event planner, then, is a jack-of-all-trades that should be expected to handle almost everything from research, location scouting, site supervision, event arranger, event designer, accommodations, and coordination, aside from other jobs. The planner must be flexible enough to tackle any one of these jobs as this is what they are hired for.

Now while anyone can plan an event, the planner has a network of vendors that can be called on at a moment’s notice to provide what is needed. They are also armed with knowledge of how to turn a mediocre event into a good one and be creative enough to fix it so it looks spectacular.

These people also have that great gift of flexibility that allows them to be able to let go when things are impossible to control. They are coupled with the ability to manage time so that the preparations for the event are completed on time and the activities of the event run on time. This juggling of job is what makes event planning the exciting and challenging job that it is.


Source by Maria Berkeley

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