Complete, Quality Event Planning: Contingency, Considerations, Negotiations


After, over four decades, of involvement, in nearly every aspect, of planning, delivering, enhancing, and consulting, in the area of event planning, I have come to believe, that a major, contributing factor, to, whether the final product, is, a quality one, or somewhat less, is, based on how it’s originally planned, etc! I refer to this, as the self – fulfilling prophesy, of events, because, many of the factors, which must be addressed, upfront, determine, the success, or failure of the event, itself! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss. what goes into creating, the best possible, final product, including considering and preparing for potential, foreseeable contingencies, relevant considerations, and the basics of professional negotiations.

1. Prepare for contingencies: No matter, how well, one prepares, and considers, what might not go, quite, as well as desired and hoped for, true, professional planners, consider contingencies, and always have meaningful back – up plans, so if, any immediate response is needed, the action is seamless, and focused! Doing this, however, requires, a thorough review, and identifying potential challenges, etc. A wise event leader, proceeds, with a positive, can – do, attitude, considering obstacles, merely as challenges, to overcome, rather than being overwhelmed by problematic thinking!

2. Considerations: Begin the process, however, by clearly focusing, on the true, major purpose, of the particular event, and considering the options, alternatives, and needs, which must be addressed. Far too often, organizers merely, focus on getting it done, rather than, how to best focus and proceed! How can anything, go as well as possible, unless/ until, you don’t begin, by identifying, why you’re holding the particular event, and what the options, and reasons, might be? Some possibilities, include: attracting membership (either new ones, or maintaining existing ones); fundraising/ philanthropy; organizational requirements; and/ or, some combination.

3. Negotiations: The book of errors, in terms of getting the most, bang – for – the – buck, is failing to begin, with a relevant, realistic, budget, considering as many foreseeable expenses/ expenditures, as possible (e.g. marketing, advertising, promoting, audio – visual, freebies; food and beverage; entertainment; etc), as well as where revenues/ income, are derived. Then, prepare a professionally designed and prepared, Request for Proposal, or RFP, and submit it to multiple, potential venues, and locales. By doing this, the organization will position itself, to avoid many of the pitfalls, which transform, a potentially successful event, to far less!

If you really want to create the best possible event, consider these three factor, each, and every time! Will you become a leader, who creates the best possible result, or, the same – old, same – old?


Source by Richard Brody

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