Event Planning: Satisfied Employees Generate Revenue


Your employees generate a large amount of income and investment in your company. Allowing them to participate in events is important to your business revenue.

Whether non-profit or social entrepreneurial, events are necessary for business. Events boost morale, motivation, and recognition for employees’ accomplishments.


Invest in your events and your employees. There are resources out there that are easy to use and necessary in today’s online event planning arena. Events help to create a sense of team unity for staff members. In a relaxed atmosphere, employees get to know each other beyond the work they do together.

Allowing employees to work on events helps them to work on projects in the future successfully. Celebrating the event for employees gives them a sense of accomplishment. They may bond and reminisce on the success of the event held.

The more team-building your company can display the more effective you will be as a company, which is the greatest way to save money.

Morale Generates Revenue

Company events bridge the gap between employee and employer. Forbes Magazine highlights the importance of revenue in your employers. Dr. Noelle Nelson, best-selling author of the book, “Make more Money by Making Your Employees Happy,” highlights the importance of how happy employees generate revenue.

“When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart,” says Dr. Nelson, a clinical psychologist, and business consultant. If your company is not doing well (and even if it is), Dr. Nelson stresses cohesion in the workplace. The last thing you need is any employee feeling as though they are being taken advantage of.

Events boost morale within the workplace. The feeling of appreciation allows for employees to thrive and have improved attitudes as well as an increased drive about the organization and work they are performing for you.


“By compassion its really appreciation,” says Dr. Nelson. “You put the compassion first and the profits will follow.”

Companies need events as they boost confidence and create a better and more focused team of employees. Of course, there are several ways that your events generate revenue, starting from the inside is crucial to the solidity of your company.

Providing an event outside of the workplace allows for employees to get acclimated with you. It provides an environment where they feel happy. When your employees feel comfortable with you, it’s invaluable to communication and cohesion. They can ask you questions at your event, and have a bond with you as well.

Recognizing your employees shows them that you pay attention to what they contribute to your organization and that you value their hard work. It shows that you take a more personal interest in your employees. Everyone wants to be appreciated for what they contribute, and events give you, as the employer, an opportunity to provide gratitude.

Events Help to Create Unity

When employees can talk with people in other departments at events, they are also able to collaborate on ideas that will generate revenue for your company.

Productivity drives success- which drives revenue. You don’t have to worry about hiring a new employee as employees are happy and you don’t need to spend money training new employees.

You may have hired a freelance grant writer or a non-profit business consulting agency. Employees have the opportunity to know what you are doing within the company. Creating a sense of unity, colleagues are able to get to know what goes on behind-the-scenes, gaining knowledge within your company.

Interacting with one another in a relaxed atmosphere builds trust and solidarity within the workplace.


It pays to invest in your employees. Any solid and intelligent employer will encourage people to bring their personalities, passions, and quirks to events. Create a feeling that people can be themselves at your workplace.

“None of these tips are rocket science, it’s simply leadership 101”, according to Dr. Nelson. “It bears repeating as its important. Talented employees won’t hang out in a cold, mechanical, and repressive culture.”

As they see fellow employees gaining recognition, or being recognized themselves, this motivates employees to work hard for you in order to gain future recognition.

Events break monotony and create focus within your employees. They can confront projects when they return to work with a refreshed and renewed state-of-mind.


Providing events to create revenue in a non-profit business, or one that is social entrepreneurial, is very important. It’s also very important to make sure that your employees feel a part of the event and this will generate revenue in the workplace. The more that one feels needed, the better and harder they will work for your company. They will become confident with one another and with you. Events grow passionate and knowledgeable employees. Keep your employees happy in order to generate revenue.


Source by Chris Bouchard

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