Traditional Promotional Event Planning


Putting on an event in Los Angeles is nothing new. Everyday the entertainment capital of the world is staging photo shoots, press junkets, premiers or ad campaigns for everything from blockbuster films to deodorant. It’s a promotional paradise but with all the celebrities flashing mega-watt smiles it’s hard to compete with the silver screen star power.

Though entertainment is a big part of LA it’s not the only industry in town and many corporations, schools, cities and businesses in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas have their own needs for catered events, staff outings, fairs and festivals. Hollywood is a huge part of Southern California but so are family oriented communities and catering to this clientele with high quality promotional events and entertainment is not as hard as you may think.

The stereotype about LA is that it’s just movie and rock stars and the jaded millions who never hit it big. Therefore it’s assumed that your audience will be fickle and tough to entertain. However, Orange County and Los Angeles are sprawling metropolitan areas with many thriving industries beyond film and music. Healthcare, law firms and technology research are all growing businesses that have new services and products in need of clever and effective promotion.

First off, consider why a company or school is searching for alternatives to the ready-available LA promotion machine. Chances are the people in charge of the event don’t want a Hollywood-type production that has too much star gazing for anyone to actually have fun. Many local industries and businesses want to get away from the LA attitude and prefer events that have interactive games, family oriented entertainment and carnival rides for a traditional but effective party event.

Your best bet for hosting a successful event is to have enough variety to keep all your guests entertained for the time allotted. Whether it’s a family carnival, corporate teambuilding exercise or town fair you may have children, teenagers and adults to deal with and each has their own idea of what fun is. With a fully catered carnival event you’ll have no shortage of food, rides and games to keep kids of all ages, and adults too, occupied.

Carnival parties include inflatable jumpers for games, recreation and races, arcade games, obstacle courses, casino games and other entertainment to suit a large group of people. Add on specific games including competition trikes, laser tag, paint ball and human gyroscopes and your event is sure to be talked about. Great for festival and fairs competitive interactive games are also great for corporate outings that let you pit certain departments against one another for fun teambuilding activities.

The more you get people involved the more fun your event will be. When people are stagnant and seemingly waiting for a show that’s when boredom takes hold so try to avoid as much dead air as possible by having event MC’s, DJ’s, hired bands and friendly event staff to engage guests and keep the party hopping. Even if it’s just background music keeping people’s senses stimulated will help in keeping their interest.

LA will always have it’ star-studded galas and VIP parties but when it comes to catering and entertaining the rest of LA, including the businesses, schools and communities, traditional fun and games will always get the job done.


Source by Kevin McLaughlin

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