Social Media and Your Next Big Date


Technology has played such a crucial role in how an event turns out and in planning for it over the past several years. Now more than ever though the trend of sending invitations to major events by internet is skyrocketing, almost leaving the old fashioned frill of designing and mailing paper invites in the dust.

Many large social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and now even LinkedIn, are being used to create events, track how many people are expected to attend and not attend, and also discuss within the created event page different topics about the event such as if you can bring a date or if you need to bring along anything extra with you.

According to many event planning blogs, specifically, many event planners and people who are not so into the modern day event planning by internet have realized this rapid growth in “e-vites” and it has caused numerous problems. A major decline in paper invitation sales has occurred and drama in terms of confusion for waiting on a paper invite and never receiving one by mail has left many invitees in a state of confusion, therefore creating some issues for those actually throwing the shindig.

So when is it actually alright to plan and send invitations to events via social media? Although the latest trend has been sending invites online for events as big as weddings and baby showers, it is probably best to only use the online invite for small events like birthdays, friendly get-togethers, and fundraisers, with the exception being large corporate events for those constantly on to go and with smart phone in hand. Special events like weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, and anniversary celebrations should still have a personal touch to them with the paper invites. Using paper invites for these events leaves the invitees feeling like effort to invite them was put forth instead of just clicking a send invite button online. It also helps when inviting the older, less technologically advanced members of your family and friends in order to avoid any confusion on if they were invited or not.

Although in some circumstances, technology can aid an event planner in making an event the best it can be, the concept of social media invitations should only have a place in some circumstances. Despite the fact that it would make tracking key parts of your event a whole lot easier, it is not the way to go when trying to impress and bring people in if you want a large turnout on the day of your event.


Source by Molly M Wheatley

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