Work From Home Business Idea – Reunion Planner


Family reunions are a great way for families to reunite every year. Most families live far away from each other and will only get to see and spend time with families when they come to the reunions. Living far away from everyone can make it difficult to plan a reunion for a large family and if you like party planning; event planning or even playing detective and searching for the long lost relatives you can make a business out of being a reunion organizer.

To get started as a reunion organizer you will have to get your business license and any other state and local requirements that you will need to start a home based business. Once you have that you will have to have a plan in place on how you will track down the lost relatives, and then plan on what kind of activities you will need to do for entertainment, and this will vary depending on the location of the event. You will need to be well organized and detailed oriented so that you will be able to pull off a great reunion for a large group.

Making flyers and business cards and telling people of your new business will be the best way to get people to call you to have you make the arrangements for their group’s reunion. You will take down all the details of the event and then go from there to help make it a successful reunion.

Since there is so much detailed work involved in planning a successful reunion you will want to make sure you don’t take on more than you can handle. Sometimes you may have to tell a customer that you can’t do their reunion in order that you can work on the other reunions that you are working with.

You should have a contract with the spokesperson for the event describing what is expected from each of you. You don’t want to have the hassle at the end of the event when they were expecting something. Have everything in writing well in advance of accepting the assignment.

Not only can you make money with the services for the reunion, you can also be creative and offer everyone something after the reunion, maybe a t-shirt or a scrapbook of photos from the event. You could be doing many events during the year and each one will be different then the other ones. It’s a great home based business


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