Coincidence: The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Power of Synchronicity in Your Life


Synchronicity. I love it! Each and every time it happens my body tingles. You know the ones… those shivers that run up your spine and reach right into your neck? The ones that nudge you gently advising you that something miraculous just happened? And, if you’re quiet enough, and learn to pay attention to these seemingly random events, you will actually come to learn that these are signposts that can help you to successfully navigate your career, your personal relationships, and your interests.

There are no coincidences. Yes. That’s right. You think of someone, and they call you on the phone a second later. Or, someone’s been on your mind for days but you haven’t seen them for years, and they bump into you at the mall! Or, you get laid off from your job… only to find that you had a better opportunity awaiting just around the corner. Was that just an accident… or something more?

As a matter of fact, what made you read this article? Was it chance?

Or, were you led to this moment to learn more about yourself and these mysterious guide-posts… the ones that cause you to meet certain people, push you in a new direction, or set you down into situations you never once gave a thought to?

I have had so many coincidental moments in my life that when they happen now, I just smile, look to the heavens and say “thank you” and… then, I do the happy dance inside! It’s a thrilling feeling each and every time.

So, what do you look for?

You may be surprised to discover, if you choose to take this journey, that there is an enchanting pattern of synchronicity marking your relationships, your career, and the ups and downs of your life. You may see that these coincidences seem to rise in frequency at major turning points in your life. Perhaps when you’ve lost someone you loved, or found someone to love, or when you’ve reached a crossroad in your career.

Learning to listen to these “signs” will help you develop a confident sense of direction. Why not begin by writing them down on paper? Make a note of them somewhere. These incidents in and of themselves may seem insignificant but, on a larger scale they are the whispers of the Universe letting you know that you are not alone. That, somewhere up above there is a universal guidance system and you are being detected from that galactic screen in the sky.

Learn to pay attention to these mysterious signposts. They will give your life clarity of direction and possibilities for the road that lies ahead. You’ll soon see that coincidences happen for a reason but most of all, they let you know: You are not alone.


Source by Deborah L Hall

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