Party Planning Checklist – What Goes on the List?


If you’ve never put a party planning checklist together or even if you are a seasoned event planner, here’s a suggested list of items to include on your party planning checklist.

1. First, what type of celebration are you hosting? Is this a formal party? Holiday party? Casual get together? One you have decided the type of party, deciding on a theme and selecting other party details will easily fall into place.

2. How many guests will be at the party? The number of people attending is very important because for most parties, the host is expected to provide food and drink, unless of course it is a potluck or the invitation notes to “B.Y.O.B”. Also, it is important to have enough space to accommodate everyone. If your home is too small, select and reserve a party location, such as a local restaurant, hotel, or county club.

3. Guest need to know when and where the party will be. When sending out the invitations, be sure to include the date, time and exact location of the party. Make sure to note any details, such as attire, gift registry or “this is a SURPRISE PARTY.”

4. The people are the main attraction of any event, but food comes in a strong second. Food is very important to all social gatherings, so prepare the menu is advance. Ideally, the food should compliment the party theme. If possible, you will want to prepare your main dishes and appetizers in advance, because the last few days before a party are usually quite hectic. Also, have extra food on hand in case there are surprise guests. You want to make sure there is plenty of food for everyone.

5. Decorations are not only fun, but help create a festive environment and add to the party theme. If the party is in your home, make sure all the public areas are clean and well stocked (think toilet paper!) so your guests are comfortable. Add flowers, candles or party decorations from a local party shop to transform your home to party central.

If the celebration is held at a rented venue, make sure to ask about decorating restrictions. Some places do not allow thumb tacks, tape, open flames and limit how late you can have music.

6. If you are renting tables, chairs or other party supplies, make sure to place your reservation in advance, especially during traditional party times of the year, such as June, November and December.

Planning and organizing a party is quite a bit of work, but a party planning checklist does make the job much easier. Keep your list handy and you’ll find party planning can be lots of fun and very rewarding. Enjoy your party!


Source by Amber Collins

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