Plantable Seed Paper Personalized for Any Event


Plantable Seed Paper Makes Great Favors or Keepsakes for Any Occasion

Seed favors are really popular today for giving to guests, and not just for weddings!

You can give plantable seed paper favors for any occasion today, whether you’re planning a fun-filled theme party or shower, or a solemn occasion like a christening, funeral or memorial service.

The great thing about paper is it can come in any shape, even as little plantable favor boxes or gift tags.

No matter what type of an event you’re planning, seed papers will fit right in as the favors of choice. Here are just a few occasions where you can use them:

  • Home party for your business. A lot of people are joining direct sales home-party businesses. If you’re hosting any type of home party like Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, It Works! or Tupperware, just to name a few, plantable seed papers make a fantastic choice for either favors or game winner gifts.
  • Baby Showers. Welcome a new little one into your family by sharing shaped seed papers with your party guests. Or buy a few and give them as prizes for game winners.
  • Christenings and First Holy Communions. Celebrate a new little life with beautiful cross-shaped papers.
  • Memorial and Funeral Services. Personalize beautiful cross-shaped seed papers for your guests to plant in memory of the deceased. You can place them separately in a box or basket, hand them out personally, or enclose them inside of the program.
  • Graduations favors. Planting cap and tassel shaped papers symbolize the start of a new beginning after high school or college graduations.
  • Birthday party favors. Kids will have fun taking these papers home and planting them in their gardens as a reminder of the fun birthday party of a friend.
  • Housewarming parties. Give your guests plantable herb seed papers for them to take home and plant.
  • Wedding favors. Couples are always on the look out for unique ideas for their wedding favors and seed wedding favors can make their celebration one of a kind, and also to stand out in the minds of their guests and be remembered even after the actual event. If you’re using seating place cards at the tables, the cards can double as small favors by using plantable cards.

Why Are Personalized Plantable Seed Papers Such a Great Choice?

They’re not something that your guests will just sit on their counters as a decoration.

They will want to plant these seeds and watch them grow whether into herbs they can use in their recipes or into colorful flowers in their gardens.

How to Know What Seeds to Give

There are many kinds of seed papers that you can use for favors or keepsakes from flowering plants to trees and even herbs.

Simply let the occasion and theme of the event be your guide.


Source by Karen S Musselman

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