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Churches, synagogues, and such other religious and faith-based organizations hold fundraisers throughout the year to collect donations for their cause. Money gathered through these campaigns is spent on a variety of activities, including mission trips, conferences, helping the poor and needy, and so on. Organizing these fundraisers is a daunting task and takes up a lot of time. You can streamline this by using the online church event management software to automate the process of planning and executing the event successfully and that too, without any additional cost!

Easy Registration

The web-based event registration software lets your members and customers sign up for functions in an easy and convenient manner. The online solution offers the attendees 24×7 access to log in to your registration portal and finish off the process of registering for the occasion.

Maximize Donations

You will get a good chance of maximizing your donations and pledges by using this cost-effective church event management software. The online payment solution that comes with this helps you offer multiple procedures for receiving payments. Interested candidates can send you money via credit cards, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Express, CyberSource, and Hence, it is easier for you to collect funds in a lump sum amount using this solution.

Streamline Your Back-office Processes

The solution offers you instant performance of administrative tasks at no additional expense. You can use this church event management software to instantly create a registration page for your fundraising campaign. This page is going to help you offer more than one payment option to your visitors and thus, increase the chances of maximizing donation collection.

Manage Your Members

You can easily manage your church or synagogue members with this online solution. The in-built member management tool will help you improve relationships with your supporters and donors. Using this tool also helps you collect membership and renewal fees, easily and fast.

Create a Private Community

You can develop an online private community to provide a common, secured platform to discuss, chat, and share valuable data and information amongst themselves for your donors. As a church festival organizer, you too can participate in such a community and create awareness among your members to attend your next fundraiser or charity walk.

Design a Website

It is important for you to design an events website to provide ready information to the online audience. It is a great way to attract the attention of the target audience toward your event and activities. You should mention separately about the possibilities of donating online, so that people can instantly pay you via their credit cards, PayPal account, or similar other payment gateways.

Provide a Calendar

Use the online events calendar to provide all your upcoming agenda details on it. Your members can easily view the various function schedules and register for your future events from this online church calendar!

Offer Mobile Phone Application

Allow your members to access your program registration page by using their Smartphone. You can send all event news on your customers’ Smartphone to let them browse through the information and grow an interest to attend the same. Many Cloud-based church event management solutions come with an integrated mobile application to promote their philanthropic works among as many people as possible.

Generate Reports

You can generate as many reports as you want to measure your program’s success. The in-built reporting tool allows faith-based organizations prepare reports on attendee check-in, ticket sales, funds collected, and more. You can even export the reports in excel or PDF format to mail them to your customers or vendors, as required.


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