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Golf has certainly changed over the years. Few people can remember when golf really meant “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”. These days women are equal with men, even on the sports field. One thing we can remember though is a time when computers were not as popular as they are today and the internet wasn’t used as it is today. Today the internet, and in particular Web 2.0, has also drastically changed golf events management.

Golf Events Marketing

The first thing that the internet has changed in golf events management is the marketing side. Instead of having to have dozens of flyers or posters printed out and hung up around town, the internet is there and you can create your own unique web page and tell people to visit by means of email.

Use Web 2.0 technology to quickly and easily create a web page with photos of famous golfers, golfing videos, and of course the details about your golfing event.

Once your web page is set up then send out those emails to tell people you are there and make sure they reply whether they are going to attend your event.

When people come to your web page they will also be able to start interacting by means of comment walls, polls and with one another. You can encourage further interaction by linking with other Golf events management web pages.

Golf Events Management

There is more to Golf events management then simply sending out invitations or creating a great web page to promote the event. Think about all those people who will be involved and who you need to delegate tasks to, or how you will manage the budget to ensure you don’t over-spend.

The task manager is a great tool to use to ensure that all tasks are assigned and that everyone who is assisting knows what they need to do.

The budget manager helps you to keep your finances on track as you monitor your expenses online, and anyone else who is spending your events budget can do the same.


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