SIEM Plus Correlation = Security?

[ad_1] Introduction Whether you are working from a SANS 20 Security Best Practices approach, or working with an auditor for SOX compliance or QSA for PCI compliance, you will be implementing a logging solution. Keeping an audit trail of key security events is the only way to understand what ‘regular’ operation looks like. Why is […]

Nonprofit Management – Choosing The Board

[ad_1] So you have a pet cause and are thinking of forming a nonprofit, or have recently done so. Whom do you invite to join your board? New public charities are often founded by a group of individuals united in the same mission. Environmentalists connect with green boards, teachers identify with educational charities, creative types […]

BS 8901 and the New ISO Standard ISO 20121

[ad_1] The events industry has been making moves to be more environmentally friendly. Despite the economic and social benefits of hosting concerts and conferences, there is often considerable waste and other negative environmental impacts that result. The BS 8901 standard was created specifically for the events industry to help it operate in a more sustainable […]

The Advantages of Working With Conference Event Organisers

[ad_1] Conference Event Organisers are specialists in the field of event management. Taking into consideration the great amount of events that are being organised in the public and corporate sector, this field has become a very competitive market today. Most companies working with event management offer a unique range of services, supported by quality, efficiency, […]

Recommended Software for Arena Management

[ad_1] When there is a little over a month left to enter the data for a thousand plus cattle penning teams into a fickle spread sheet software program that was built by good intentioned volunteers; the last thing anyone should be doing is looking for replacement software. However, as any event/entry secretary or producer knows […]

Reinventing SIEM For Strategic Business Capability Through Cloud Computing

[ad_1] Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) perimeter scope has widened as the business and strategic IT requirement goes beyond just security and compliance. Today SIEM are used for meeting many IT and business requirements because of the kind of data it collects, monitors, correlates and reporting from the heterogeneous set of devices (firewall, routers, […]

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