Event Planning For Leaders: 5 Things To Consider

[ad_1] When many people, think about, and/ or, consider, events and event planning, they often, fail to think about, the enormous impact, a true leader has, on the potential results! Since most organizations, at some point, hold some sort of event, or events, in order to meet, one or more of its central needs, goals, […]

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Things to consider when choosing a meeting venue

When you are choosing a venue for your next meeting or conference there is more to consider than just the budget. Taking into account who is attending, from how far and how many you should plan to ask the following about any potential venue: [su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqg6oy1QR28″ title=”Things to consider when choosing a meeting venue”] Suitability Does the […]

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