Do You Need Help In Event Management?

When you have an eye for detail, you are able to implement seamless event management. However, if you are not skilled in that thing, you may have a hard time putting things together. To be an event manager would require you to be keen and resourceful in order to perceive what needs to be accomplished […]

Event Planning With The Right Programs

When gathering all of the information needed to produce an event the tasks are endless. Getting all the names of the volunteers as well as vendors can be endless. Anyone who has planned an event knows if there is a lack of communication, there is trouble. But could have run so smoothly can become chaos […]

Event Planning RFP’s

Yeah, writing an RFP (Request for Proposal) is a pain in the ass, no doubt. It forces you to put into writing everything you are expecting from a vendor. Yet, for a guy like me who tends to have unspoken expectations, it’s a great tool. Here are 3 things RFP’s do to make your job […]

Importance of Interior Design And Event Management

Birthday parties, success parties, inaugurations, etc. don’t matter what the occasion is… People are fond of decorating their places. Years back, people weren’t that interested in decorating their homes, but now even if there is no specific occasion also, people generally renovate their homes for their satisfaction and happiness. Everyone wants a home that matches […]

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