KEEPING Options Open For Better Event Planning

Although, nearly all organizations, whether, public/ civic, not – for – profit, or for – profit, produce some events, on a somewhat, regular basis, the reality is, a very low percentage of these, end up, being as successful, as possible, for a variety of reasons. In over four decades, I have been involved, in either, planning, creating, producing, over – seeing, or other involvement, in thousands of events, of various size, purposes, budgets, and intentions. In order to ensure the best results, it’s essential, for every group, to be KEEPING their options open, for better/ superior, event planning, and production. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters, so much.

1. Knowledge: Many groups, falsely, equate experience, with relevant, desirable, expertise. However, what is needed, most, is having events overseen, and produced, with people, with relevant, quality knowledge, focused on considering the finest options, and alternatives, to produce the most desirable results! It also means, fully understanding, what the organization seeks to achieve, by hosting the specific event.

2. Empathy; emphasis; elicit: If you want to produce the best, possible event, it’s important to pay keen attention, effectively listen and learn from every conversation, survey, and experience, and proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! This must indicate, to the organizer, and his committee/ group. where to place their emphasis! The goal must be, to consider, every foreseeable aspect, from the budgeting, and contract negotiations, to marketing it, to attract attendees, and, then, producing a product, which clearly demonstrates, both, actual, and perceived value, and elicits a positive, wow. response and reaction!

3. Endurance; excellence: From onset, to fruition, this process, is often challenging, and results are enhanced, when the leader/ chairman, has the endurance, to persist, etc! One’s focus must be, on, excellence, rather than, merely, good – enough!

4. Priorities: What are the priorities, for the particular function/ event? How will you achieve these objectives? How do you determine them, as accurately, as possible? Will you be willing to, think – outside – the – box, in order to make a real, change – for – the – better?

5. Integrity; ideas; imagination; innovative; insights: Great event leaders must possess genuine integrity, both, actual, as well as, from a perceptions – perspective! This individual must be able to introduce meaningful ideas, and have the imagination, and quality insights, to be innovative, while avoiding the temptation, for change – for – change, sake!

6. Needs: Unless, every event serves a specific need, and needs, are prioritized, they will rarely, be as successful, as possible!

7. Generate goodwill: The finest end – product, comes from producing, and generating goodwill, so potential attendees, feel, as welcome, as possible, and perceive, they received the value, they expected and deserved!

If you hope to have the most successful events, your event organizers, must focus on KEEPING their options, open! Are you up to the tasks?

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