Seven Skills to Be an Event Manager

There are many different important skills you find in job descriptions. Whether it is while looking for a job or an internship, all of these skills are essential to getting the job you want. Each particular area of Sport Management requires different types of skills and different types of people. Seven of the important skills you will need to work as an Event coordinator are as follows.

1. Communication Skills

Every post you will see for event management positions includes this skill. Working well with other people and being able to communicate effectively is one the most important skills for making sure an event runs smoothly.

2. Customer Service Skills

Customer service is an important skill for almost any job. When planning events and trying to promote them it is obviously necessary to be able to make your customers happy and comfortable at all times.

3. Computer Skills

Most job postings require you to be skilled in Microsoft office, specifically Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and in some cases Publisher and Outlook. All of these computer programs are useful in organizing information for events being planned.

4. Organizational Skills

Being organized is important for almost all business related jobs, but especially for handling and booking events. You have to always be on top of making sure everything gets done specifically as the customer wants it and it gets done on time, it is important to always be organized.

5. Management or Leadership Skills

In order for events to run smoothly there always needs to be people who can be strong leaders and use business management skills effectively. It is important to be able to help keep everyone on task and make the end product come together perfectly.

6. Physical Work

This skill is particularly surprising, however obvious, that putting together a function or event requires some physical work, all of these job postings specifically said you need to be in shape and able to lift objects from ten to twenty pounds.

7. Practiced in Sales and Presentation

When trying to plan an event or function you need to be able to pitch the product to sponsors or the people who you are planning the event for. It is important to be able to present effectively and smoothly and have some practice in marketing the event and selling it.

In conclusion being and Event Manager or Coordinator requires some very specific skills that are important to this field. Each job or internship description has a lot of similar features. Having a lot of these skills and those strong points are what point people into this particular career path, but now you can see what more specifically will be required of you in this field.

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