Sports Management Degree to Learn Organizing Sports Events

[ad_1] Many institutions of higher learning are offering Sports Management courses to their students. Organization is a skill that is learnt from birth. However you can perfect it through a formal education. Well managed sporting events are what draw people’s interest in those particular sports. The sports management degree programmes offered in many colleges and […]

Creating High ROI With Successful Events

[ad_1] In the present era, events play a significant role in promoting a brand, its products and services. Designing a logo for your brand and making it public through the products is an easy method of marketing, but it takes more to advertise and promote these products through events to eventually build a brand. In […]

Events Management is a Breeze With Online EMS

[ad_1] No more queues, no more tickets and no last minute disasters. Today’s events whether small personal affairs or huge corporate gatherings, all require clock-work execution that is planned to every little detail. Everything about real-world events now goes into the virtual World Wide Web. Everything is streamlined now with online Event Management Software or […]

Golf Events Management

[ad_1] Golf has certainly changed over the years. Few people can remember when golf really meant “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”. These days women are equal with men, even on the sports field. One thing we can remember though is a time when computers were not as popular as they are today and the internet wasn’t […]

Event Management Software Tools to Manage and Plan Events

[ad_1] A recent survey conducted by a leading provider of event management software asked UK based event managers what was their preferred tool for managing and planning their events. The most common tool by far was event management software with 67% of the votes. Coming second and third were spreadsheets and ‘other’ respectively. Spreadsheets are […]

Key Safety and Security Planning Tips for Successful International Corporate Events

[ad_1] Post-financial crisis has seen many companies and sponsors return to the international events scene with renewed enthusiasm, evident by increased volume, along with a whole new generation of offerings from providers in the sector. However, despite many internal, mature risk management processes, the majority of international events still continue to present an Achilles heel […]

Planning Corporate Events Using the 5 W’s

[ad_1] Many organizations plan events yearly or for special occasions, such as anniversaries or for holidays. These events may be highly successful or they could turn out as a flop when it comes to meeting the goal for holding the event. Event success can often be determined by appropriate planning and decision making. To aid […]

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