6 Steps Leaders Use For Better Events

[ad_1] Most organizations, whether large, medium or small, for – profit, or, not – for – profit, turn their focus, to specific events, to hopefully, serve some specific, or a number of necessities, needs, and priorities! However, unfortunately, in a large percentage of cases, these wonderful intentions, do not, by themselves, bring about the desired […]

How Leaders Consider Conference/ Convention, And Event Planning?

[ad_1] After, over four decades, of involvement in, planning, over – seeing, negotiating, and producing, hundreds of events, conferences, and conventions, I’ve come to realize, and understand, the huge benefits, when professionally designed, and considered, programming, is used effectively. Although, many seem to believe, all that’s needed, is to call something an event, conference, and […]

Event Planning For Leaders: 5 Things To Consider

[ad_1] When many people, think about, and/ or, consider, events and event planning, they often, fail to think about, the enormous impact, a true leader has, on the potential results! Since most organizations, at some point, hold some sort of event, or events, in order to meet, one or more of its central needs, goals, […]

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