Event Management Software Tools to Manage and Plan Events

[ad_1] A recent survey conducted by a leading provider of event management software asked UK based event managers what was their preferred tool for managing and planning their events. The most common tool by far was event management software with 67% of the votes. Coming second and third were spreadsheets and ‘other’ respectively. Spreadsheets are […]

The Power of Plan B

[ad_1] To succeed in life or forestall unexpected shock and disappointment, individuals and organisations need to have their Plans A and B. Plan A is the plan you will use if things work out as expected, while Plan B is the second plan you can use if things do not work out as expected. Today, […]

How to Plan a Barn Dance

[ad_1] Barn dances have become very popular for all kinds of events from wedding receptions through to corporate events, birthday parties and village fetes – even prom nights!. I believe their popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages enjoy these events equally. Here is my guide to planning and running a […]

How to Plan a Memorable and Effective Event?

[ad_1] Planning an event is never easy. It involves getting plenty of things right and to the point. Most event organizers find the job stressful and often feel overwhelmed by its intensity and enormity. A lot of planning goes into making an event successful and when the goal is to make it memorable, the effort […]