Few Tips on Conference Event Management

[ad_1] Organizing a conference or a seminar perfectly is no doubt a challenging objective to be achieved. In order to have a successful conference or seminar certain effective tools and a profound knowledge on the affair is a must. This will help one to have the booming conference event management schedule. It can be any […]

Key Safety and Security Planning Tips for Successful International Corporate Events

[ad_1] Post-financial crisis has seen many companies and sponsors return to the international events scene with renewed enthusiasm, evident by increased volume, along with a whole new generation of offerings from providers in the sector. However, despite many internal, mature risk management processes, the majority of international events still continue to present an Achilles heel […]

Tips for Hosting a Charity Event

[ad_1] What’s the Objective? Why is this event being hosted? If the objective is raising money, this needs to be made very clear to the attendees. They are not just being invited to have fun, but to help a cause or organization gain more profit. If the objective is to inform and educate the attendees […]

Green Event Planning Tips

[ad_1] If we are to arrest the negative effects of climate change we all have to buy into a sustainable future and the one way we can do this is by planning low carbon or carbon neutral events; in a nutshell, green event planning. Weddings, conferences, festivals and concerts are all startling sources of green […]