Event Planning: Marketing Local Food

Sponsoring a local food event in your community can not only show your commitment to local growers and food producers, it can be a profitable way to bring together the public and provide needed publicity for your business, charity or municipality. With summer turning to fall, there are many opportunities for event planning such as […]

Planning Corporate Events Using the 5 W’s

Many organizations plan events yearly or for special occasions, such as anniversaries or for holidays. These events may be highly successful or they could turn out as a flop when it comes to meeting the goal for holding the event. Event success can often be determined by appropriate planning and decision making. To aid in […]

How to Effectively Organize Event Parking

When planning an event, a vital yet frequently overlooked aspect of that event is accommodating parking. This is especially true when converting a space that is not normally used for parking into a temporary parking lot. The following steps will help you organize the parking situation so that it is orderly and safe. Determine where […]

Event Management – What Are The Tips To Make An Event Successful?

Even management is one of the most progressive businesses these days. There are many event planners that are doing an exceptional work in making your event a meaningful experience. Event planners are hired for various occasions like festivals, conferences, lavish parties, concerts, college events and many more. Generally, people reach for event planning firm for […]

The Difference Between Promotion and Event Marketing

Understanding the role of promotion and event marketing within any campaign requires a clear knowledge of the function of promotion and it’s impact on achieving marketing goals. By design, individual or short-lived promotions drive immediate response, while long-term, repeat campaigns are designed to build consumer loyalty to a specific product or service. Keep It Simple! […]

Legal Considerations When Planning Events

You’ve booked the speaker, hired a hall, recruited a team of volunteers and prepared a marketing plan. If that wasn’t enough, you must also ensure your event does not fall foul of various legal issues. Exact event legal requirements vary from place to place and the rules that apply depend on the type of event. […]


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